Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Family Reunion

Laurel Dina Susan by dinab627
Laurel Dina Susan, a photo by dinab627 on Flickr.
Visited with my cousins down in Maryland over the weekend.  It was a time for looking towards the future and the past.  It seems I was a catalyst to inspire the the gathering of the younger generation and it was great to reconnect with family!  (However these pictures convinced me to go back on WeightWatchers ;-)
On Saturday we had a family gathering with lots of children and grandchildren at Susan's house:

On Sunday we visited with Laurel and went through our maternal grandmother Dornback's photo album (ca 1900 - 1950).  It was poignant to look back on the hard times our family went through and joyful to see the energy of the newest generation.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Choose Cohoes Open Studios

IMG_4369 by dinab627
IMG_4369, a photo by dinab627 on Flickr.
My studio mates and I hosted a pop-up gallery for the Choose Cohoes Open Studios event last weekend. It was great to have a chance to show off my work and meet a bunch of interesting people.
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