Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Family Reunion

Laurel Dina Susan by dinab627
Laurel Dina Susan, a photo by dinab627 on Flickr.
Visited with my cousins down in Maryland over the weekend.  It was a time for looking towards the future and the past.  It seems I was a catalyst to inspire the the gathering of the younger generation and it was great to reconnect with family!  (However these pictures convinced me to go back on WeightWatchers ;-)
On Saturday we had a family gathering with lots of children and grandchildren at Susan's house:

On Sunday we visited with Laurel and went through our maternal grandmother Dornback's photo album (ca 1900 - 1950).  It was poignant to look back on the hard times our family went through and joyful to see the energy of the newest generation.

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